Dollz Who Luv Us

♥•~*Christmas Make-up Look*~•♥

1. Remove all current make-up from your medoll. Use a short hairstyle.

2. Apply basic black mascara to eyes. Apply white lengthening mascara to upper eyelid. Carefully Apply green eyeliner to upper eyelid, and then do a very light coat on the lower eyelid.

3. Now you mut gently circle your upper eye with green-ish eyeshadow. Now apply black eyeshadow around the upper outside part of your eye, make sure not to touch off of the lower part of your eye. Now lightly coat over the eyeshadow with a white eyeshadow, this gives a grey-green affect.

4. Now apply light pink lipstick to your lips, make sure to be very light while doing this, as you'll need space to apply the gloss and other lipstick. Now coat over the lipstick with a candy pop pink lipstick, and then you may add your lip gloss.

Finished Product♥
Now, add your own personal touches and voila!
A make-up look perfect for the season!

Merry Christmas you guys!


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