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Free Red Dress


Free Red Dress for Poland Stardoll Superstars Only

If you are not from Poland use a proxy website such as:

Paste in URL box and click GO / BROWSE / ENTER :

Log into your stardoll account
Now Paste in URL:
 Click GO

Log out / leave the proxy website and go to Stardoll the regular way, the dress should be in a gift box in your suite.

ALL from stardoll most wanted


Anonymous said...

Exude me but this doesn't work for me. I have tried more than one exactly the way you say. Help!!

caasey said...

Heyaah i am having the same problem :/ i have tried it a lot of times
and i have followed every instruction and it just not seem to be working xx please help love lolliepopscasey (stardoll name)

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work

yeaaaah said...

yeah doesnt work??

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work and i really want this dress.

rasstagurl108 said...

yea it doesnt work i did everything then on the last part when i have to type in the last one it just shows forgien contests and thn i exit and go to the regualr stardoll and theres no gift box in any of my rooms


Anonymous said...

is only for superstars i see it in another blog

leahgarner said...

not working for me sorry :( check out my blog for free items that work :)

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