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LE things??

Hey everyone,

Today, as usual, I logged in on stardoll and checked my suite. There were 9 presents in front of my closet. When I opened them, there were 9 little LE things in them!!! So cooolll!!

I think you get them when you have some LE clothes, because I have a few.

Did anyone else get these LE things??? Please comment!


Anonymous said...

Hi !
I recived one pendant for every piece i bought of each collection. wich is quite a lot!
love from

Anonymous said...

when i was logged in a have that too but i am not superstar and i didnt buy anything by the LE

*Do you trust me?* said...


missdebbay said...

i've got one 2!
so happy!

i've got a black one!

xoxo Missdebbay!

FionaK20 said...

Hmmm... I only got one for each collection... not one for every purchase or as many as you :( but I like them :D

KapownallCeleb said...

I am want one two!
Can someone help me get one?
Also visit my suite!

Anonymous said...

i got onee yaaaay :)

Meijse (rachel) said...

I GOT one...... oh well YAY ITS SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!

goedbloed said...

Yeah, it's cool he? I think I'm going to put them in my chistmas tree!!


rayrayluvzu said...

i didnt get one...... :(

dazzlingn101 said...

I got 1
for the 1 bit of LE I've got :]

Anonymous said...

I have 3 :)

Jeannie Rivera X3 said...

I Got 1 Of The Pink 1's :)

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