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Hey guys, I'm baaaaaack! Offically got off school for winter break today, so I can devote much more time to you now :) I'm feeling a lot better, and already de-stressing so I can enjoy my holidays!
Anyways, big Stardoll news. The Starbazzar is available for everyone now :D This is great, I already bought my first piece from someone. You can use your play and earn dollars too, so it'll work out well sometimes.

Here's the message Stardoll sent me:

Ok, so there's a 10 item limit/ 24 hours for items you HAVEN'T designed. No limit on selling things you did create in StarDesign. This seems fair to me, it kind of spreads the wealth a little and lets other people get their stuff out.
I love using it, I'm already itching to put some of my disused items up for sale. My closet is a bit cramped and my style has changed a little since I first joined :P The only problem is creating prices... anyone know what stuff is actually worth? Some of my stuff is old (I consider it vintage heehehe) but whether or not it's worth anything....
I'm willing to sell some of my stuff, not a few of my possessions, but I'll take offers if y'all want certain things. Lemme know in my gb and I'll say yay or nay :) Same for you all, if you wanna do some advertising in the comments here go on right ahead! I'll look at anyones StarBazzar!!!
UPDATE: It appears Stardoll hasn't exactly given us the freedom we wanted. Non-Superstars can buy in the bazzar, but NOT SELL THEIR STUFF. I just assumed since Stardoll was in a giving mood they'd have let us do it all, but it appears that only a week before Christmas Stardoll is back to being their grinchy selves. It said open to all, so I just thought that it meant everything was open... Sorry guys, I misinformed you :(

What do you all think? Excited for this new opportunity? Think Stardoll has screwed the nons over, once again? Let me know in the comments!
xoxo, Colleen ♥


Helēna. said...

It doest work for me. im a non SS with over 500starpoint and my e-,mail is accepted but when ii go to my bazzar i cant put my clothes on sale. :(

KapownallCeleb said...

What are you talking about it wont work for me. It says only Superstars are allowed to do it.

sports_girl said...

Well, I can definitely buy stuff, I already have.
But I guess they're still not letting nons sell stuff. Well that sucks a little.

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