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Free Avril Black Tutu Dress

Free Avril Black Tutu Dress for Stardoll Poland. This is the 3rd time this dress has been released (free twice) so if you haven't got it yet, now is your chance.


Type in and Press Idz:

Now Login & Change URL to: 

Hit go wait till it loads and go back to regular. If you have it you wont get it again.
Ends Feb 1st 2011


Anonymous said...

Thanks! This dress is really cute!

tiddlepush said...

im a bit upset i actually paid for that dress in 2008!!!! its my favourite!!!!!!!!!!

Silvia said...

Thank you. :>

thatgirlsophy said...

Dont worry your not the only one, i paid for this dress as well

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work :(
maybe coz i live in the UK?

Anonymous said...

OMG i luv this dress!!! thnx

Sara said...

Do you use THAT exact proxy? Because it didnt work(I used it before and same result)

mtradio7 said...

Hmmmm i tried it ages ago but it still didn't work if anybody is selling jsut tell me on my account :loveubleME1994 i would buy it for atleast 5 dollars or 6

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