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Free Pink Jacket

Free Pink Jacket for Poland Stardoll only for SS

Use: OR OR
Paste stardoll link & click idz, login:

Now Paste the contest link & click go:

Available till Jan 21, 2011

from stardolls most wanted


krystalbabi14 said...

its not letting me get it. help please!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes! i cant open it! :(

Anonymous said...

i can't get it.Is only for ss or no?

Anonymous said...

It's only for SS.. :O

Anonymous said...

i didnt get a free pink shirt - i got a free dragonfly! literally! look on the white chair in my suite, my name is Rebeca.rox! You will see a dragonfly! This thing gave me it! SO CONFUSED! Y DID IT GIVE ME A BUG INSTEAD OF A SHIRT?!

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