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Message about Stardoll Royalty Dress from TSI

UPDATE: Dress was recieved in suites today 1/4/11

Im not in Stardoll Royalty, but a way you join in is by buying a Superstar Membership for a full year.

Heres a Update from Stardoll Insiders:
Remember the free dress all royalty members were promised as part of the 12 days of dresses campaign? . Stardoll has sent a letter out to all royalty members but when you click the image it does not send you the dress. At least we know they haven't forgotten about it and that it's coming really soon. (If you haven't got the letter and you are in stardoll royalty, log out and in, it worked for me).


Anonymous said...

What do you mean for a full year? Like the whole 12-month package continously? or lets say right now i have it for 1 month, and i'll buy another 1 month prepaid card for the next 11 months. Does that count?

Anonymous said...

I just recieved the dress! I like it, but i thought it was a nicer dress. It looks better om the picture.

Anymous: To become a Stardoll Royalty, you need to keep playing, upgrade to Superstar and build a user profile that will enable you to join. You have to be SuperStar for longer than a year.

xx goedbloed

dazzlingn101 said...

You can now get the dress :)
I couldn't get it on the first day
but I've got it now. Its really nice (:

thatgirlsophy said...

You would have to purchase the whole full year not one month at a time to be in stardoll royalty

Anonymous said...

I didn't get a thing for being royalty! Unfair!! Godd and its MARCH!

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