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Hi i am Naomi here (naomi_b on stardoll) I was a writer on stardoll a few months back but due to a few personal and school reasons i stopped posting...for this i really apologise to all you viewers of this blog and a big SORRY to thatgirlsophy for my behaviour...
I know i havnt been responsible enough but i just hope you give me another chance to prove myself
For all those who dont know, My work in this blog is to feature people...
If you have a unque imaginative outfit/suite/scenery/album etc you can be featured here...Your excellence will be shown to the world!
If you think you are capable enough then please contact Naomi_b guestbook or by mail

Hope this time i do good
thanks thatgirlsophy for another chance ♥

Love n regards
NAM (thats my nickname for Naomi!)


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