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Updates on Noses in Beauty Parlour

Stardoll have changed the noses in the beauty parlour.
They have made them look more realistic by adding shadows.
Some of them look strange though.

What do you think?

Also, they have added new lip shapes and changed the graphics!



Mia Bia said...

I love them :)
it nice that yout medoll looks more real :)

Helēna. said...

I dont really like that the noses stand out so much. tehy are too dark.
but the lips are good and the eyes too. but i dont want my doll to look like a real person or smt.

Silvia said...

I very like eyes. They so sweet now. : D

thatgirlsophy said...

the noses remind me of stardoll graphics

mackenzie said...

new eyebrows too! Yay:)

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