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Free Feather Head Piece

Free Feather Head Piece for Brazil Stardoll.

Type & login:
Paste URL:
Let the page load. Then go to your regular stardoll suite.
It will be in a gift in your suite. You will not get it again if you have it already.

Thanks Stardoll Most Wanted


Miley-Ray. said...

hello you can ask all regular readers are on my blog
PLEASE do I post there on German and English

Anonymous said...

I recently was searching online and on the stardoll network site i found the stardoll vice president of sales information.. along with his skype username.. i have an idea that EVERY stardoll user around should send him a message saying to give Jennas (emorox4eva) stuff back.. i for one am doing it now.. whos with me?!?

Vice President of Sales
Skype: cyates11

Corporate Gift Ideas said...

Thank you for posting this.

PIXIEzzBELLS said...

hey could you plz have some freee things that you can get just in starplaza on stardoll it just seems much more easier for .

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