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Hotbuys Shirt Out

It looks OK but "I want more" makes it sound dirty.

Real Life Version^

What do you think?



goedbloed said...

Well, i would like it more with the numbers on it but i still like it, i bought the tee. xx goedbloed

Partallaboutme said...

I totaly agree about it sounding "dirty" i defiantly would prefer to have the numbers on the t-shirt. Unfortunately i have no money on stardoll so cannot buy it! But can i ask you to look at my album?!!? My album is amazinggg!! Go To My Album please! My name is : Partallaboutme I love my album and i think you would too x

Anonymous said...

I also agree that it does sound dirty, very dirty.
It also looks slightly tacky in my opinion and I wouldn't waste Stardollars on it personally.
Also, it would look so much better with numbers!
Natalie x :)
Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

Anonymous said...

I like more the real version of shirt,i want more is dirty,yeah.

princessjuju123 said...

I don't think it sounds that dirtyy :D But still stardoll needs to do better with clothes.
Stardoll name: princessjuju123

f.iliz said...

I think it's too expensive for a t-shirt like this . I hope stardoll won't rise the prices, its expensive enough. Does anybody know where the new collection of le come out. Write me in my guestbook.
stardollname: f.iliz

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