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Stardoll Makes Improvements on the Site

Stardoll made tons of changes this week on the site. They've have definitely set there goals on improvements this year. One improvement, i actually requested myself, was the need for a faster storage. I totally hated how long it took to find stuff because i had so much. I stopped buying clothes because of it. So im really happy for this improvement.

The "improvement" im not so excited about is the Jewelry Section in Beauty Parlor. The items look smaller and separated. The Eyelashes are especially hard to see. I preferred the OLD Jewelry Cabinet.

Does anyone else like or dislike all the new changes that have been happening?

Faster Storage

Different Look and Zoom in Beauty Parlor

New Look in Starplaza


Admin said...

This website rocks-

Anonymous said...

I don't like any changement that they do ! These changes are useless ! :(


Anonymous said...

I don't like the improvements. I think they could have left it the way it was when I joined stardoll.

Calli said...

Their changes SUCK!

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