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Smileysuzy's room challenge

Hey! how are you guys?
hope you are doing good!

my today's feature is a room of a lady whom i admire a lot for her creativity
She may not use up dollars n dollars to create the most perfect proffesional room but just uses her mood and plays with the stuff
i think its very encouraging for members who are not superstar or those who like to keep their coins the rooms easily show you just dont need money to make a room attractive
This brainy concept of smileysuzy shows a hide n seek mood
Its like a challenge..go ahead n find me!
maybe we all can do this by just stuffing up things but yet smileysuzy has shown it in a great elegant manner
i think we all must visit her n firstly try to find the gorgeous woman and then maybe leave comments for her
Do take a look


Anonymous said...

not sure what your suppost to do :L

Anonymous said...

you need to find Smileysuzy there I find her

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