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Stardoll Glitch?

Update: It's not a glitch, the 30SD dress shines whereas the other one doesn't. Thanks to Prikazna for clearing that up! :)

I was searching through the Starplaza earlier and on the 'grey' tag I couldn't help but notice the Mortal Kiss Ballgown was priced at 18SD. 
Thinking that they must of lowered the price, I checked the Mortal Kiss store to see that it was still priced at 30SD.


I decided to buy the dress thinking they'd charge me 30SD but they only charged me 18SD! 
Has anyone else bought it yet? How much did you have to pay for it? I think it's unfair that some people have spent 30SD on it when it can be bought for much less!



Prikazna said...
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Prikazna said...

It's not Glitch...
The dress for 30SD is shine... for 18SD not :)

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