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Selena Gomez makeup Tutorial

Here is a super-quick and super easy tutorial!
What you need:
-Black lengthening mascara
-Black volumizing mascara
-White Kohl eye pencil
-White eyeshadow
-Light shade of blue eyeshadow
-Medium blue shade eyeshadow
-Light pink blush
-Sunny Bunny lashes
-Luxe Lipgloass

1. Apply both of the mascara's to the lashes.
2. Apply a bit of white kohl pencil to the lashes (as shown in image).
3. Apply white eyeshadow at the start of the eye (above the kohl pencil).
4. Apply the medium blue shade of eyeshadow around the eye keeping it close to the lashes.
5. Apply the light blue shade eyeshadow on top of the medium blue shadow from the start of the white eyeshadow to the mid point of the eye.
6. Apply light pink blush upon the jawline and on the cheeks.
7. Apply luxe lipgloss to the lips.
8. Apply Sunny Bunny lashes to the top and bottom lashes.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

awsome! really realistic!

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