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BAZAAR ISSUE: featured designer LATIN91

For my first Designer feature i was looking for someone with unique qualities, that brought something good to stardoll. Many times i would log in to stardoll and get an update notice that there was a "giftcode competition" i thought wow that is so cool. Well, noticing the owner i checked out her suite to find that this girl wasn't a new discovery, but someone known for her amazing designs and collection as well.

THATGIRLSOPHY: what inspired you to start designing clothes on stardoll?

LATIN91: My uncle whos a clothes designer here in NY city being around him from child seeing him and my mom makin them also the runways and show amazing i DONT SEE HIM MUCH :'( I MISS HIM ALOT

THATGIRLSOPHY: Oh wow thats so cool! thats too bad you cant see him, but i could tell by your style that you have some great influence on you. Are there any shows you specifically attended in NY that caught your attention?

LATIN91: Omg i was a child wow I cant remember the names, but i can tell u this I love this show called Stylista, Runway, Americas Top Model and so much more omg i can go on and on.

THATGIRLSOPHY: Omg i love those shows too! im so addicted.
I notice you have a club where you have competitions for gift codes...its a great idea...i admit i tried to get one
What made you start having competitions for gift codes?

LATIN91: It all started with a friend here on SD she was telling me how she will never be able to be SS and how unfortunetly she is if u know what I mean about not having money so that broke my heart and since that day i have decided to give Giftcodes for free and hoping that the person who need it the most wins like my last giftcode comp i had this girl who won but she won it for her best friend and that really touched my heart and made me so happy

THATGIRLSOPHY: Actually i think i was there with that one... that was really cool. I was glad that person won. Some people were mad she was giving it away, i thought that was alittle selfish of them.
On your Club presentation i notice you have something alittle personal stated there. It seems like your club wasn't all about gift codes before, but something more.
Can you tell me alittle more about that? and the meaning of canube-yourself?

LATIN91: Well about the club I truly can say is i really made that name up cause i wanted people to be open and ask any questions they wanted too, since alot of the time people cant open up to anyone and till this day i still hope this club will be a blessing to everyone. The name canube-yourself has so much meaning to me but im going to make it simple when I was in middle school I was in this club in my school where it was really kinda like a popular thing and couldnt be myself just cause of there stupid rules, so i stepped up and decided to be who i am and be the person I am and if they didnt like me for who I was, then they werent ever my friends. Now that im in high school i have this club called canube-yourself which has been such an inspiration to me and have helped alot of people deal with things they cant in there real life. So yea, and since my moms a pyscologist I guess I got that from her lol.

THATGIRLSOPHY: Is there anything you would like to add or tell the stardoll users out there?

LATIN91: and for the last? all i can say is I have found some amazing friends in here that i wish i had in the real world who are so loving and so caring and so wouldnt change them for anything and all i can say is just be yourself and you'll be much happier.

And there it is yall...Latin 91 sharing her fashion sense and helping out others! So join her club canube-yourself and open up, maybe you might win a giftcode in the process.

"Don't let your talent go unoticed."



Anonymous said...

Hiya! I'm ybother45 and i've got a great way with stardoll. I'm all up for interviews in your magazine if you want. I'm an ex-superstar and invite you to my stardoll suite. :)

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