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BAZAAR ISSUE: featured designer Baebina

Hey yall its about that time again for our new featured designer! The first thing that attracted me about baebina was her suite of course. Its absolutely amazing! She is so creative with everyroom i never knew those little rooms could have so much potential. Even her main room is made as if it was outdoors...awesome! Next, are her designs. Her eyes and fingers must be aching creating these fabulous graphics on tees, i know mines do! She created almost every disney character. Usually designers stick to favorites or most popular, but she went all out creating all of them. Plus, the designs look amazing, i hate it when some designers do a half ass job on making a shirt and expect to sell it for lots of stardollars. Observe and learn, but dont copy. No one likes a copycat.



Anonymous said...

i agree with u, sophia! she DOES do amazing designs! i wish i could do that =( but i think i'll stick 2 making pretty shapes on my shirts =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I could never do them as amazing as she does!

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