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More Limited Edition... Well The Stardesign Kind

Well with the cool new tops out, i put my skills to the test, i tried to replicate limited edition collection....again...LOL. Especially with stardoll being so evil and leaving the store there without the clothing being available, i bet its like a tease for some collectors who may have wanted it. It turns out you dont need much skill at all to make them, almost anyone can make these tops now. What do you think?



sundress0 said...

they r SO cool!
how much will u sell 4?
would also LOVE to buy THAT supre face t-shirt!
xx sundress0

Anonymous said...

agamng made them too they are amazing

susanne0123 said...

this is a nice colection im from Ukraine and u???

SnoopDogy said...

OMG! How do you get those cute shirts and pants and stuff?? Please answer!

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