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Real 2 Stardesign: Supré Fashion Tees

This tee is awesome i love faces on Tops, but they can be difficult to make on stardoll. For my second attempt, i believe, i started out simple.. with this cool tee from Supré. Im from US, but this fashion store is in Australia; that is why the internet Well not really, but thats why i use it teehee.



sundress0 said...

wow,it's amazing! i'm from australai and love supre.EVERYONE has the trademark enviromentaly-friendly bag! how did u make that t-shirt????
xx add me on stardoll:

ThatGirlSophy said...

I make everything in stardesign believe or not ;)

sundress0 said...

wow! it looks SO realistic.
soon i'm gonna make a stardoll themed blog.
i will put u as a top designer!
xx sundress0

Pepsi_Dolly said...

Wow, They Are Awesome, I Need 1, Can U Please Make Me 1, U Have Me As A Friend On Stardoll, Please.xox

Pepsi_Dolly said...

I Luv It So Much, I Bought It!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Australia!! I LOVE Supre!! Its very good!

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