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ALL Moonacre Gifts Workin

UPDATE: The gifts dont work anymore because of the moonacre doors shop coming out.

The necklace

The Dog

The Cake plate:

The Piano

The Piano Chair

The Chest

The crystal Ball

The painting

The rabbit

The seashell bed:

The flowers

The mirror

The doll

The unicorn

The lion:



Anonymous said...

sorry, the old gifts don't work, at least for me :/

Miracle98 said...

Hi Sophia is there any way to get these old gifts? Because I really want the seashell bed -__-

ThatGirlSophy said...

the gifts dont work anymore now because they are opening a shop with moonacre clothes now. i posted a sneek peek so u can see it ;)

Anonymous said...

wat about the sixteenth door

ThatGirlSophy said...

they screwed us over with that door, they didnt give out anything.

Anonymous said...

well what about when the said all gifts will be revealed at the end of the contest should we be able 2 get all the gifts

ThatGirlSophy said...

yes thats why i posted all the links. they only worked for a limited time that day, unfortunatly, so everyone didnt get them.

Anonymous said...

im becoming a superstar soon and was wondering if anyone here could sel me the moonacre unicorn?

Anonymous said...

Its feburary now but the store still isnt opened yet! Are they going to sell the moonacre furniture?

Stardolls Top Designers said...

the moonacre furniture was givin out free as gifts during dec and jan. I dont know when the store is going to open, maybe when the movie comes out, but i dont know exactly. You can still buy the items though, just use the search button and search the colors.

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