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Beware of Copy Cat Designers and Fakes.

Its been brought to my attention that people are even copying my designs. I made this shirt up myself, my own idea for New Years, so i know this person copied me, but its not the only one. As you can see the quality is horrible, i would never sell a shirt that sloppy. No one likes a copycat. Get inspired by my designs, dont copy them exactly!!! Its just rude and they dont do it right...LOL.



Anonymous said...

That's so rude that people would copy your designs like that. I agree with you!

Please visit my suite on stardoll it is:


Anonymous said...

I'm disagree! why do you complain when other girls copy urs designs if u've made the same? Yes, u copy to famous designers!
On the contrary, feel proud that you copied means that you are good designer =)

I also think so, u r gorgeous designer!

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