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A Message From Debbiecat4

I received a message from debbiecat4 today which was awesome...LOL well for me anyways and its so true. Everything she said i totally agreed with, but didnt do anything about it. I thought "whatever... i lost my stuff and its an improvement for everyone so there." But once i received this message she gave me that little push to finally send a message to stardoll and i think that everyone who agrees should do it too. I mean, why not right? there always sending us those dumb automated messages everytime we have a problem so why not all of us send them one too...LOL

Just copy and paste this and send it to stardoll customer service:

Dear Stardoll,

I just want to say that I hate the new changes made to StarDesign. In an attempt to improve things, you managed to have all the top designers lose all of their designs...many, like MadMacMom, Keira-V, thatgirlsophy, paulafer, maria_nl, debbiecat4, orange008, cndt, singingmermaid, Honey_Melody, HarajukuGirlPL, stardust4444, jf2nd, peach_peach, Blackmambayeah -- just to name a few -- have lost hundreds...literally!

When you first added StarDesign, many of us complained that our designs kept disappearing. Unfortunately, you took so many months to "fix" the problem.... and WE found a better way...all on our own! We were storing them in files on our own computers. Of course, those files are now useless. And your "improvement" now allows us only to have 10 designs at a time.

At the very least, you could have given us some warning...
I implore you to go back to the way it was. You make more money when we sell more designs. It would help you too.

Should you decide to leave things as they are, with designs on your server, please consider the following possibilities:

(a) Allow us to put an item on a mannequin and chose to buy more than 1 of that item. That saves the time and trouble of setting up each one individually.

(c) Consider increasing the number of designs we can keep at one time, with a storage closet for those designs.

(c) OR, if we must have a limit of 10 fashion and 10 interior designs, consider combining them so that we can choose how to allocate our 20 designs OR, better still, let the designs work for interiors AND fashion so they don't need to be made twice.

(d) Consider an advisory panel, made up of users...YES, USERS... In the case of StarDesign, contact the people who use it most...the people on your top designers list.

Thanks for listening. I look forward to your response.


xXcazXx said...

what does the new stardesign look like, cuz i still have the same one i used to with all my old designs?

Anonymous said...

sent ;)

Stardolls Top Designers said...

stardesign didnt change. they just change the way they store the designs.Us Designers figured out how to save them on our own computers, so thats what we did and we had hundreds, but now stardoll saves them on THERE server so we cant change our designs anymore we all only have 10 of them to use.

Anonymous said...

what? That's not the biggest problem! Gosh!! The thing is,too many things are for superstars, and stardollar one day thing stopped. that's ridiuculous. and your designs suck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, you are making an ass out of yourself. This was posted in April, oh about 6 months ago. The SD a day just stopped this month. How the hell is she supposed to blog about somtething that hadn't happened yet? Too many thing for SS huh? Well, the site is a business and they are in it for the money. It's a good quality site for free usage as well. Many sites free features aren't nearly as nice. If you don't like it, leave or pay up!
If you dislike her designs so much then why are you bothering to visit her blog. Sophy, rock on!

Emilija said...

its normal all the people who liked her clicked unlike thats all

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