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Bazaar Issue: Featuring sayha84

Its May and my designer for the month is sayha84! I dont know this gal very well, but the other day she came to my guestbook and asked me to check out her designs and of course i did. I love to see new designs, it amazes me what people come up with, but enough about me. I was pretty amazed at what she had going on in her suite. She has a school! I mean a REAL stardoll school. She teaches members how 2 design text and simple cartoon characters,step by step, which i think is awesome! No more questions about "how do u do text on shirts in stardesign?" She will teach you, but only if your really want to learn. Her club is hardcore, you cant get accepted unless you complete the qualifications. So go get your learn on....LOL.

Check out her Lessons here:


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