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Bazaar Issue: Melody1970

When Melody1970 first asked me to visit her page, i was absolutely amazed! Her designs are so beautiful and original. Her collection mainly consist of gorgeous floral patterns in different textures of dresses and skirts. She also layers them to create fabulous gowns.

As i read her presentation I've come to learn that shes a big fan of Stephanie Meyer who created the Twilight Story. She also has two children on stardoll Melody_70 and Cullenboy_1996. You can also buy her collections from Melody_70 who has a fashion store of her mothers collections.

Melody1970 is a wonderful person and very nice, so if you have any other questions about her im sure shell answer them in her guestbook!


Anonymous said...

plz fisit my friends page xxbrillbeckyxx shez super !!

heidz86 said...

I love Melody's fashions I have heaps of them in my suite and want to get more. She has some cool copycat LE stuff right now. :-)

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