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Sneek Peek: Marlene Dietrich

UPDATE: its Marlene Dietrich a German-born American actress and singer.
Thanks commenters & Style

New doll coming to stardoll soon, but i dont know who she is. At first i thought Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot because she has those pilot hats, plus the theme coming to "suite shop" has alot of airplane stuff, but im not so sure. There isnt that many pictures of her. So if anyone finds out who she is please let me know.


Joanna said...

Maybe that's Marlena Dietrich? The fur and the top hat look pretty familiar and the face is (kinda) similar :)


peace_oglory said...

I'm pretty sure it's Marlene Dietrich or at least it's inspired by her..

r1ma said...

i am pretty sure that is marlene dietrich

Anonymous said...

please check out my blog

Anonymous said...

there will be new le out soon. also there is new clothes in the starplaza names such as besty johnson and marc jacobs.

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