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Bazaar Issue: Pauliespoo

I am way overdue with this months, i know. Anyways, i would like to introduce you to Mrs.Pauliespoo who is part of the adult clique on stardoll and has some awesome designs. She is totally into "the Arts" and has a ton of guys in her suite!LOL. Who wouldnt want to visit a suite like that?right?!

She has always been an artist since she was younger and discovered stardoll in search of a place to play with her niece, but of course when she found the stardesign section, like most of us designers, she officially became a stardoll addict. She started creating guy faces because she wanted to create a family environment in her suite. Soon you see rockers, chefs, directors and all kinds of people doing stuff in there. Her suite is definitely one to check out.

Read More from the designer herself:
1.what inspired u to start designing in stardoll?
Inspiration.... I have always been an artist. Went on to higher education in the arts. My favorite medium was clay and pottery. But I love to paint and sketch. I found SD while looking for someplace to play with my niece, and when I found the design function, I was hooked!
It's so much fun because it's like a 3-D puzzle, challenging to create a picture or design with just the shapes and option to manipulate the shapes. Having only 50 items is a constraint, but also add to the challenge.

2.why did u decide to start creating man faces in stardesign?
I created Male faces on the pillows because I wanted to have someone else inhabit my suite!
As an older SDollie, I'm used to companionship and family, and I wanted that feeling in my suite.
I was at first surprised to see male dolls here, but then I realized that it's a fun creative site for guys too. SD offers lots of male fashion and this way I get to dress my guys up also.
They just add another layer of fun to my play.

3. what inspires your stardoll style?
The "arts" inspire my SD style. Recently I've made copies of "designer" styles, not the LOGO type but the pure color and design of high fashion. My list of Best Friends contains some of the top designers here on SD and they are always inspirational to me.
I'm so happy to include thatgirlsophy on my list!


PauliesPoodle said...

Thank you so much for this FEATURE in your blog!
It means more to me than covergirl in Stardoll Magazine!
Please don't come to my page asking for pillow designs.
I've had to stop doing them because of overwhelming requests!

lolalou12 said...

I know her , shes really nice. She used to talk to me all the time. She made a lot of good designs ive bought.

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