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Free Puppy


Littlest Pet Shop pets were in starplaza earlier in the day, but soon vanished for a reason not known. Apparently there was a free puppy available for all members of stardoll, but can not be found anymore.
Heres a link provided to get all the animals including the free one.

Littlest Pet Shop Pets

image from Stardolls Most Wanted
link from Polish Online Stardoll


Anonymous said...

there's a photo with all pets here:

shazy said...

if u want more than 1 puppy u can just keep clicking the link then deleting all the other animals and just buy the puppy heaps of times!!

krist33n said...

thnx they are sooo cute
the link is sooo easy
thnx everyone involved
luv you all

Noofi said...

Thaank Youu Hunn.. <3

Anonymous said...


LeAnn said...

Thanks so much for the dog he's so cute and now I have like five or six of them. Go 2 my suite!

Clara said...

Hey I'm girliegirl78 on stardoll and omg I'm nine years old and i LOVE littlest pet shops even though I'm gothic emo and punk.

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