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Sneek Peek: Amy Diamond


Amy Diamond doll coming soon to stardoll along with a promotion of her new album Swings and Roundabouts. Hopefully some free stuff will come along with it ;)

image from Stardolls Most Wanted


Talia EMILYmileyrocks said...

Amy Diamond was/is a doll on Stardoll this must be an update

Anonymous said...

at her presentation you can fill in a gift code. Does anybody what the code is?

bubblegum said...

"Enter code from Amy’s CD here"

I guess you only get the clothing if you know that code..

thatgirlsophy said...


i dont understand. theres no link.
Do you have the page address?

bubblegum said... in the right. you get amy dimanod's clothes if enter a code :-?

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