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Get Baby Phat Earrings

More items hidden underneath starplaza, Baby Phat Earrings that were probably suppose to release along with the shop in starplaza, but never did. I have no idea why stardoll does that, it could bring them more money, which i know they love...LOL. Or maybe theyre just forgetful because theres so many items. Anywho, If you like them just click the link below and youll have them in starplaza.
Get Baby Phat Earrings
From Stardoll Insiders


Anonymous said...

Wow They Are Soo Cool. I alredy buy the cat earings & necklace.
Loove It ):

krist33n said...

you are all sooo clever
does this make you
sd :))
I have the black drop earings and am now in mourning jewellery for the ubiquious 1sd...

thatgirlsophy said...

@ kirst33n

LMAO thats so funny! a "stardoll archaeologists"..LOL

Anonymous said...

they are so nice! thank you! :D

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