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Sneek Peek: New Doll

UPDATE: This doll is from a painting created by Johannes Vermeer in 1665, "the girl with the pearl earring."
It totally makes sense now. I wondered why she was in front of a picture frame. See image below.
Thanks peace_oglory

New doll coming soon to stardoll from the Vermeer Mortals Styled Outfits. The clothes are pretty nice in a structure and color kind of way. The prettiest ones are from Erdem. Can anyone identify this doll? or know where she is from?


peace_oglory said...

It's the girl with the pearl earring. That's a painting from Vermeer.

krist33n said...

I luv this doll
she is soo beautiful and sooo old
but still holds her beauty today
hope we can have her as a gif in our suites....;)

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