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Sneek Peek: Influence Magazine

Influence Magazine will soon be coming out with its first issue, i believe, by John and Wylie. Holy Crap the graphics are amazing! I really cant wait to see the whole magazine. John has really upped his skills with graphics, theyre clean, proportional, and smooth. You can check out his blog "Johns Designs" to see more and compare some of his older graphics. Im not totally aware of Wylie's skills in the graphic department, but i hear she is also amazing as well. Maybe its time for her to open up a blog to show off some of those skills.


Anonymous said...

wow amazing spoilers, can't wait to see more

Anonymous said...

Hey you got a new layout! ^^

nidz100 (gracey) said...

Sorry to bring you down,but i don't really dig the new look/layout.
Can you change it back?
It's annoying having to change the page and that all the time!
Sorry,once again.
Just my opinion!

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