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Lithuanian Graphics Turn into a Stardoll Shop

UPDATE: In starplaza now!Read more About the Shops Controversy!

Notice the spoilers everyones raving about? Well theyre so amazing that people thought they were the new Limited Edition. If I translated right, apparently, Lithuanian Stardoll member, Migliukee, drew them and submitted them to stardoll admin. Stardoll liked them so much that they decided to use the graphic dresses and open a new shop called "Migliuke’a" in starplaza. The shop is suppose to show up very soon. Plus,
She even mentions the assumed prices of the items.  Isnt that insanely cool!? The clothes definitely look like the stardoll drawing style. Im completely amazed at her accomplishment.

Do you think its all true? Whats your take on stardoll accepting designs from members?

Below is a picture of the designer and the actual designs submitted to stardoll.



Kiss12372 said...

I`m kiss12372. Very good migliukee best friend. :)
She said. New clotches will in starplaza, november 5-6 days. : )
Dress for 12sd, acssesuar and shoes 5-6 stardollars. : )
Picture`s with logo "migliuke`a STN" is blog`s photo`s. : )
Good bay.
; )
With love, kiss12372 : DDDD

21guns said...

I`m from lithuania! haha I`M LOVIN IT.

Anonymous said...

I am Lithuanian, and I am so proud of her : )

HarajukuGirlPL said...

buu, this design is fatal!
does not display correctly in Poland :( FATAL!

Anonymous said...

- another way to make more money, she's maybe not a even a real user but a fake-stardoll-made one , to make people think stardoll is being nice to it's users.....i don't know.. the designs look really profesional...

Anonymous said...

hi she has her clothes in her suite
there awesome!

r1ma said...

not even gonna lie, I am totally jealous

i love the three looks to the right of the shop, they look very Gianni Versace and Oscar De La Renta.

Vertigo1010 said...

I feel so good, becouse im from Lithuania too (: and theres a Lithuanian girl collection. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :))))))

And im vertigo1010 at stardoll :))

Alice in Wonderland said...

I think she stole the pics... Her user says she's 12 and......

Celita0172 said...

well...... maybe is not really a partner
maybe stardoll is COPYING the talent of the members and profiting from them
and please stardoll can create accounts how they want, and the country who they wish and put all starpoints who they want ...¿or not? :P

MissChristina_x said...

they removed the shop from the starplaza! i should've bought them this morning instead of waiting til now to see if they were still there. apparently she copied or something. THE STUFF WAS SO CUTE!

Greta said...

I'am from Lithuania :D

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