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Free EyePet Winter Outfit


People from UK dont need a web proxy. Other countries need to use a UK web proxy surf.
Use any one of these: - -
Enter in url:
Log in, the clothes will appear in your suite. Clear cookies afterwards if you like.

Visit this page once a week and get clothes for your cute monkey!
from: Underneath Stardoll


Lola_Samp said...

Did u know that yesterday (november 1rst) a pretty big number of stardoll members decided NOT to log in/enter in Stardoll, because they stopped gaving us our daily sd?
Well, i just wish u could talk about that, and what we're trying to do to bring back the 1 sd promo :)

Alphonsinne said...

Hi there!
I love your blog :) and I wanted to ask how do you disable right-clicking in your blog, because I've been trying to do the same but with no luck. Thanks in advance! XOXO!

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