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Star Awards Nominations

Star Awards is hosting an award show for their 2nd Anniversary. Nominations will take place from Nov 1st thru Nov 17th. Thats gives almost two and half weeks for nominations.Nominations are not actual votes so dont get that confused. There is a second process where the commitee picks out 4 nominees from each category, then the voting starts. There have been so many controversies with these award shows and so much drama, but this year has been different so im curious to see how it will turn out. Im alittle disappointed there isnt a "best stardesigner" category, but whatever...LOL.
Nominate People in club SAanniversary.


Gabyzoka said...

Awesome!! Stardoll members make so many creative things (like magazines, blogs and "events" like this)... Stardoll should have competitions like this too :)

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