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Black Star Stardesign Contest

I dont know if some of you remember a Black Star Stardesign Comp on the U.S Stardoll homepage, but i do and there was no link to be found. Now I saw a gift in my suite today and the gift was a pink christmas tree with a link to the Avril Blackstar Stardesign! I was so excited! Theres no link in stardoll, but the tree sends you there.  Theres two dresses and theyre both 5sd and for non-superstar!

Go to Black Star Stardesign.

For other Countries use:
Manual Proxy: Port: 80
Go to: 

Thanks Esther001 for proxy


Anonymous said...

You need to go to: and then on the URL you need to write and then you well log in to your account and go to design!And that's it!

esther001 - stardoll said...

This manual proxy works:
Port: 80


rini7 said...

Anonymous said...

Actually , All you Need to do is :
Do the Proxy , Then it Says its Taking too Long, then you Take it Off , then Refresh and Bam, You in the Avril Star Design, Or Just Copy N Drag the Link Into a New Tab , Its Really Simple , - Bay_Watch11

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