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New Shop: St. Trinians 2

Theres a new shop out somewhere on stardoll called St. Trinian's 2, based on a movie, i think, but im not sure of the country. Its definietely not in the U.S. because today the Voile Holiday Boutique opened up in starplaza and this shop is nowhere to be found. 

Everyone can still buy all the items though! Get St.Trinians Items Here

You can also, get the free shirt from this promo as well.
Go to:
type in:
Log in, and thats it.
You can also check out the promo page as well if you choose to the links are in the stardoll cinema.

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Summer-Muffin said...

Its a Uk Shop, there is aso a contest to winstardollrs and a free top :)


Alice in Wonderland said...

Oh, it's for the UK, the film is British and I can see it :)

_penguin_luva_ said...

Its a UK shop, but some of the items are superstar

J said...

Does anyone know which shop/designer the "Indie Platforms" is from?

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work anymore!! =[

Summer said...

Does anyone know where I can find the exact outfit of annabelle from this movie??
I can't find anything on the brands she is wearing...

Anonymous said...

Its a UK film its really good does anyone know a proxy i can now access the store through?

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