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Free Enchanted Floral Dress


Stardoll is offering a free Enchanted Floral Dress in an Austria and Germany scenery contest. According to emorox4eva (jenna) from Stardolls Most Wanted this dress was "extremely rare," but now tons of people can have it for free, pretty awesome for people now, but bad for the collectors who paid big bucks for it.

Members who arent from Austria or Germany need a web proxy to get this dress.
I used (1) germany web proxy:

Type in bottom url:
Hit go and log in.

Once the page has loaded change the url to:

wait a minute, let it reload, this will make the gift appear in your suite. Close, and go to the normal stardoll.

From Underneath Stardoll


claudiaherrera said...

thanks for the dress

there is another contest from polinesia
is for a free dress and necklace
this is the link:

i can’t find a proxy for this, hopefully you can find it

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work for me

Anonymous said...

it only works for superstars. its so unfair superstars get everything! I KNOW THAT STARDOLL NEEDS MONEY BUT LOOK HOW MANY SUPERSTARS STARDOLL EARNED!!!! I KNOW, more superstars, more money to stardoll. business is business but it just gets sooooo unfair!

katygirl said...

i got a wall design noot dress

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work for me either

Anonymous said...

it does not work although i'm from germany :(
i think you have to be superstar for this

Anonymous said...

this contest is for superstar only..
i guess the story never end.

Anonymous said...

it didi not work for me even though i tried many time, a bit up sad i like that dress if anyone could help me to get it i would really happy thank you

LeAnn said...

It can't be superstar only because I saw my friend with the dress and shes non-superstar! Lucky. I did it and it didn't work.

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