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I saw the Design Contest Banner last night, and saved the link in my bookmarks because for some reason i new stardoll wouldnt have a link to it in the morning, so wah la! i have a link now...LOL. Its no where to be found on the stardoll though.

So all you designers and artist bring out your paper and pencils and start drawing your fantasy holiday dresses because this is your time to shine! All who have been dying to create their own dresses for now have a chance to do so and the winner we have the whole collection for free!

But if course stardoll and the artist dont get to have all the fun, us stardoll members actually get to vote for the best designs.

Heres the link: 


Anonymous said...

but where do we send it ? :S

mr.wannabecool said...

do you have to use Photoshop? i dont have that, and i dont know how to use it!

thatgirlsophy said...

theres an upload section there.

I dont think you need photoshop, but you need a scanner to scan your drawings and make sure theyre colored.

Catarina said...

You don't need to colour them and the upload is not working for me and to vote is difficult because it's only 4 pieces

Baileygirl1212 said...

I can't wait to see who turns out to be the winner, its very exciting.

Anonymous said...

yes i've uploaded mine but how do i know it's been submitted? there's like no confirmation notice or anything from stardoll.

Lilah said...

okay you HAVE to be SuperStar to join :(
again another exclusive thing where you can be "member of stupid royalty club"! this really makes ma angry so much EXCLUSIVITY :(

thatgirlsophy said...


im not sure you HAVE to be SS because it does say it gives you 1 month of free Superstar, have you even tried uploading something?

what does it do when you not SS?

Lilah said...

you Have to because there is a buton that says "become superstar to upload a design" :( and when you click on it you land on the page to pay to be SS

thatgirlsophy said...

@ Lilha

oic thats very unfortunate then.

Anonymous said...

"be a superstar to do..."
its so unfair! stardoll always lets superstars get everything free. this might be a "thank you" to superstars and hopefully nonsuperstars will atleast get SOMETHING free these days! :)

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