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Decade of the Teens


Get a free Decade of the Teens T-shirt when you visit the campaign page and write about something that you are thankful for and what you will do in the future to improve your lifestyle and such. Then you will receive the gift in your suite. Also, stardoll released the shop for the winning designs in the fashion design drawing contest. A couple items are very pretty, my favorite being the black & white bow jumpsuit. Congrats to all the winners, theyre very lucky! Will you be purchasing anything? Whats your favorite item?

Go to Decade of the Teens Campaign Page


Anonymous said...

Hello on stardoll I'm xela2_1995 and I wanted to say you that it worked for me :P but what I really wanted to say to you is that you can get a Moxie T-shirt and a Moxie skirt (I don't know if you post this already) you can get this like this :P : 1)Go to
2)past in this :
3)Log in
4)You got it ^^

Anonymous said...

Please check out my stardoll:
P.S. Send me gifts, vote me for CG 5/5 and enyoy!

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