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New Moodie Wear: Happy

UPDATE: working UK proxy port 80
thanks to all who commented!

New Moodie Wear for this week! This is week 6 and the mood is "happy". Only 1 week left after this week, but its weird because under peoples suites it says like 4 days left or something like that. Week 7 is the last week and its "loved up". My favorite item this week is the chain link bag. Theres also boots, which is a first again in stardesign items. Last week was the shoes.

Let me know if you find a working UK proxy so i can post for everyone.


esther001 - stardoll said...

This proxy works: port 80

scallywag said...

if you can make moodie wear can you please let me know because I was wondering could you make me a grey or black one of those crop tops and sell it to me? my account is scallywag.

Anonymous said... port 80


rini7 said... port 80

this one works for me! and on the moodie website, they said that the timer is a countdown for a special surprise from stardoll and moodie. i think its just a countdown to the new year.

also check out my moodie wear designs at the start of my wardrobe. and thanks to every1 who voted and got my designs in the hotest list :)

star-kamilla said...

Proxy : Port : 80
Worked for me! :)

Anonymous said...

I am the only one on stardoll who has rio sparkly jumpsuit !! :O :D
im zainahoda on stardoll
YAY! hehe can you tell anyone? or maybe correct me if im wrong x

Jbfangirl7 said...

I'm confused. how do I use the proxy? can I still create the moodie wear if I'm from the USA.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

How can I get to Proxy: port: 80 ???

Anonymous said...

where do I have to fill in: Port : 80
i work with

please tell me how!
please tell me in my GB:
my medoll is Lieffiej


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