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Free Christmas Stuff


Free Christmas items in a contest from another country. All you have to do is follow these instructions to get them.

1.use or
2. Go to:
3. Log into Stardoll.
4. Then paste in proxy url:

Thats it. then go to your suite on normal stardoll.

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Anonymous said...

thanks it works for me :D
in stardoll I'm xela2_1995

TwilightJonas28 said...

Thanks a lot

It worked!


Anonymous said...

thank u so much it worked

in stardoll im babyniny so plz add me

Anonymous said...

You are mean not letting u copy!!!

rini7 said...

oh my gosh! i’m 4th on the HOT list of moodie wear designs!!! thank u to every1 who voted for my design!

since ppl seem to like my design, i’ve taken out all the clothes i ever designed and put them in my suite! its not that many so please go see them and while ur there, please vote my suite and album! i also made some new sceneries that i really would appreciate if u voted on them

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