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New Moodie Wear Clothes

UPDATE: UK proxy port 80
Thanks norocka1

New UK Moodie Wear for this weeks mood "angry." The clothes are so pretty, plus they added a sash for only 4sd. Im kind of jealous lol, i wish they added these clothes to the U.S stardesign. Its so sad that these items last for only a week.
Does anyone have a UK working proxy?


iStylista said...

Don't have a proxy, no :(
But if you have it (or anyone) tell us here now, it's only for a week!!

AWWW, I want it so bad.

Anonymous said...

I loveeee that tanktop! I want to enter that competition too!! XD

It's really weird when I'm using that proxysite someone gave on an earlier moodiepost I can play other competitions except this one!

Anonymous said...

how about you just change your country from U.S. to UK? :o)

iStylista said...

Only on SD, UK and US is in the same area

nora said...

working proxy > 80

rini7 said...

oh my gosh! i’m 4th on the HOT list of moodie wear designs!!! thank u to every1 who voted for my design!

since ppl seem to like my design, i’ve taken out all the clothes i ever designed and put them in my suite! its not that many so please go see them and while ur there, please vote my suite and album! i also made some new sceneries that i really would appreciate if u voted on them

Anonymous said...

You are only able to design and buy stuff from Moodi wear if you are from the UK or the USA.

If you are from Europe, like I am, you just can not design Moodi wear. It also doesn't work if you change your country into UK or USA.

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