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Sneek Peek: Limited Edition

Stardoll is planning on releasing the latest Limited Edition for the Holiday Season. Some of the it is pretty nice and some of it is mediocre as usual.   It all depends on your style and taste i guess. This is just a spoiler of some the items that will be sold. Im guessing itll show up in starplaza tomorrow at 11 EST or some time this week. I was wondering did anyone receive last collections LE Charm?  


Anonymous said...

I haven't received any LE charms in a while.

I had bought from the spring collection (the one with flowers everywhere, so to speak) and from the last one yet I've haven't received any of them. I only got the charm from the very first collection =_=

Meforeva said...

How long after you bought LE do you normaly get the charm cause I didn't get it yet...

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