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Host a Party Chat

Currently Stardoll is creating a feature where Superstar members can host parties! Basically its like a "Suite Chat", but with more than one friend. You will soon be able to pick a party room, design it with 30 items, like a scenery, and then invite your friends. I think this is a great idea since some stardoll members love to host parties and have awards and such, instead of doing it in the guests books and having to go to members suites to see what theyre wearing. My only concern is you might only be able to invite people on your friends list, meaning not EVERYONE will be able to join you. This is only an assumption based on playing with the current features available, but we'll soon see how itll actually work. The BETA version is available for Stardoll Royalty members to play with, but its still not fully funtional.

I will post a link anyways i think everyone can see it, but not use it. See Stardoll Party Chat

Image from Underneath Stardoll


Уαsмıиe♥ said...

Looks like they know about our little guestbook parties.

Anonymous said...

invite me please! rini7

Vivicica12 said...

why not can save the image in a folder?????? ugly!!! x-(

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want, I can invite you. My name is Brunette17, tell me when you want to come

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