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Stolen Sketch in Design Contest

 UPDATE: Keep a look out for more stolen designs, It seems like tons of people are very unoriginal, its too bad we have to second whats real and what isnt.

Image from Medollmaster
More stolen sketch scandals going on because of the Top Designers Contest going on, on Apparently, stardoll member Afia14 stole a dress design from the Dare to Wear Love Show sketched out by Pat McDonagh and submitted it as her own. The owner wasnt planning on doing anything about it because she figured it wasnt a big deal, especially because its a tweens site. Soon she realized the winning prize of 400sd and also noticed the design was in first place and decided to take action. I admit, Im totally guilty of voting for that design because it was gorgeous, but little did i know! Afia14 guestbook was bombarded with rude comments, which is the tradition on stardoll of scandalous members, and still tried to commit to saying the sketch was originally her own. She even took the time to take pictures and show some of her other drawings, to prove her innocence, but it didnt work. Plus, none if the other sketches had color or looked similar. As a result, the design was rightfully removed from the contest.



Anonymous said...

that's so wrong of her! To bad thought, it really was a beautiful design. But does anybody know what the deadline of the contest is? xxx

iiiccchhhaaa said...

omg. and people voted her as covergirl tho.

lol. that is dreadful.
thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I voted for dress too. And, really wrong of her.

And wait. She already won?

thatgirlsophy said...


no she has not won, but it was in the top designs.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. How are you?

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