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New Moodie Wear Items

New Moodie Wear items appeared this week! I think theyre really pretty and stylish, the best yet so far. I love the purse especially, too bad it will only last a week. For some reason though, the purse is 6sd not 5sd and its non-SS, but most non-SS cant buy it because they only get 5sd a day. So only superstars can buy it anyways. Stardoll is so weird sometimes.

UK proxy: port 8080
thanks esther001


Anonymous said...

the proxy isn't working :(

RaeRae said...

for some reason i can never get to moodie stardesign....if you are selling the purse write in my guestbook my name on stardoll is Rae410

Wenq502 said...

thz soo much for the proxy!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, there are stardoll ex-ss' and your saying they can't buy it?
There are some non-ss who CAN buy them.
I don't know why you even have this blog, you mostly post about stupid magazines and stuff and this blog has died down so much that the stardoll insiders are so much better they make there posts clear.
this isn't an active blog!

thatgirlsophy said...


why r you so angry? its truly not a big deal.
And of course stardoll insiders is a great blog, i read it too.

Meforeva said...

Anonymous sophy has but SSSOOO much work into this blog and you just through this into her face. If you do not like this blog do not comment and go away. Just walk away. People don't need to hear your angry comments

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