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New Moodie Wear: Excited

New Moodie Wear for this week! This is week 5 and the mood is "excited". Only 2 weeks left, sadly. My favorite item is the one shoulder dress. I also think itll be a hot item for other members too. Also, this weeks awesome item is the shoes! Stardoll has never made shoes in stardesign before! Its crazy awesome! (well besides the moxie boots, but those Im going totally crazy in this weeks design department, haha. So come check me out if you like. Let me know if this proxy works for yall.

UK proxy port 80


rini7 said...

hey guys! i was 4th in the hot list yesterday! thanks to every1 who voted for my design! :) its nice to know that ppl like ur stuff...

i'm probably not there anymore but u can see all my designed clothes right at the beginning of my wardrobe! check me out! :)

username: rini7

thatgirlsophy said...


oh thats cool your lucky. I havnt been on that this yet, hopefully i will show up somewhere haha.

thatgirlsophy said...

i meant to say "list" not "this" sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Hi ;)

It's Doesn't Work For Me :s
I Think It's The Proxy. Do u Know An Other UK Proxy ?

Thank's xoxo

(I'm ffxww On Stardoll )

paula9722 said...

this proxy not working !!

Anonymous said...

the proxy isn't working for me. It gives me the message that Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections?

Anonymous said...

hey! is it okay if i give you my password to stardoll to get it for me since its not working.

my username is: Vanessa.Forever

ive been bothering you alot aabout the LV dress and im probably annoying you very much but i want it SO BAD! i think i sent you a friend request so i can email you my pass. please send me an email on Stardoll saying you can do it please!! thank you so much! you are my saviour!!

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