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Sneek Peek: Voile Holiday Boutique

Stardoll is planning on releasing another floor of the The Voile Shop, "Holiday Boutique." Some of these dresses a pretty nice. Unfortunately, i think these items wont last anytime pass January or maybe even be gone as soon as the end of December. So get the items while you can because i doubt these items will go on sale at the end of the month.  
Do you like any of the new items?


Gabyzoka said...

Hi, I'm Gabyzoka and I also have a blog. Just wanted to say that Stardolls Top Designers is an Amazing blog and I always read what you write here. :)
I wanted to ask you (from blogger to blogger lol) about this Ad Sense Google stuff (the merchandising). Tell me, how does it work with you? I'm thinking in putting on my blog, but I don't know how the payment thing works :P
There's an explanation on the site, but I've never done something like that, so I wanted someone like you to tell me how it is. :)
Sorry if I'm bottering. Happy X-mas and happy 2010:)

iiiccchhhaaa said...

only one, the green (or blue, ah dammit, what color of that dress??) with gold bow

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