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New Stardesign Clothes

Stardoll has introduced new clothes to the Moodie Wear Section of stardesign. The bad thing about it is they arent an addition to the dresses they had before, but a replacement. I think this was a bad move, i really liked the dresses better. Anyways, theyre still non-superstar so thats good.
Heres a link on How to get Moodie Wear Clothes.

Also, I notice the U.S. Stardoll homepage has a Avril Black Star StarDesign Contest going on, but i dont see any link to it? Theres only a link to the actual website. Am i the only one who sees this? I hope Stardoll fixes this i would love to participate.

Do you like any of the new items below?


norocka said...

Well,it is going to change every week.It is moodie wear. Seven weeks,seven smileys with diferent mood....And every week 4 diferent pices of clothing......

Od Chessmaster said...


Anonymous said...

is stardoll having an advent calander this year?

thatgirlsophy said...


that does make sense, i guess we'll see what happens ;)

Anonymous said...

stardoll has got an advent calendar, type in google: stardoll calendar and you should find the link on the website!

Anonymous said...

hey people,
its s.g.101
visit me sometime,thanks (:
um,can someone answer my question?
star design,um the different varities of
clothes how come we don't have them
in StarDesign yet? we should by now huh?
thats so stupid,how come thatgirlsophy chick
has all these LV & Highheels and that?
she's so lucky,you might be readin this now haha
but i look up to you.Your AMAZiNG ! (:

Holla .

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