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Eternity Magazine Comeback

These past few months magazines have been releasing like crazy! Today Eternity Magazine has made a comeback and released its latest issue! Its last issue was released in Nov 2008. Personally, the graphics are beautiful and perfect. Everything is perfect down to the final page, which is the "crystal dreams" article.

On the other hand, the only issue popping up about the magazine is an ethical one. Stories are going around mentioning how a young girls medoll shouldnt be portrayed as a sexual object. First, because shes only 15 and second because of her race. As, you read on there are a few more "sexy" shoots, the graphics look stunning, but is that a good way to portray her or anyone? Is her race even an issue? If you look at the last issue in Nov is was a more "innocent" issue than this one, so what do you think Eternity is trying to express now? or does it not matter at all, its just graphics?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think they used nude graphics just to get the attention of the stardoll community. =_= Personally I'm not a fan of them, especially the second one (the one with the text: fashion instict)....I mean it's really not a very flattering pose.

Beside, I think the graphics are not as great as they used to be. Legs and other parts of the body seems to be rushed and in non-natural poses.


Lilah said...

I don't mind nudity as long as it is classy, fashion considered as an "art" in this issue i think it doesn't give the message it should, the graphics are very poor and quickly done and the magazine is "proud" about naked/sexy models ! there is no interessting text about Fashion (clothes + accesorises + make up = not naked)yeah so i don't really like it and i don't really understand what you wanted to say in your second paragraph (?)

thatgirlsophy said...


Im not sure what part in my 2nd paragraph you are referring to, but i was basically trying to get my readers opinion on what they thought of the mag by asking questions and staying neutral on the subject.

and about her race part, a stardoll member mentioned on another blog that "black women are the most people that get rapped, so why would they portray her like that on the cover."

So i wanted to know what readers thought about mentioning her race at all and is that important or should it be important to women altogether.

I hope you understand it alittle better now ;)

Lilah said...

Oohh now i get it ! ;)

Anonymous said...


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Elizabeth said...

I gots a question.

Where did you find the white tassel dress in the slideshow? It's number 23.

Please and thank you!

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emily_gurl7778 said...

I honestly don't think her race is important. I mean, they could have used an Asian medoll, a Caucasian medoll, it doesn't matter. I see nude graphics with different races all the time. It doesn't matter if she is African American, I just think she could use some more clothing.

iiiccchhhaaa said...

dont care. i love that magazine :))
thanks for post it

Anonymous said...

What Program Do You use For This. Omg The Mag Is Amazin Wish i Could Do this.

Anonymous said...

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Clara said...

Oh great!There attracting more boys to stardoll by using nude photos.Disscusting.

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